Opaque or Transparent shadow

what the difference between painting shadow in transparent or opaque ? and which part of object shadow can be transparent or opaque.


  • You can do it either way, @ESAM33.

    When you're painting a la prima, wet in wet, you try to get the shadows right with opaque paint and it all dries together as one layer. If, on the other hand, you want to use a layered technique you would glaze the shadows with transparent paint once the underpinning is dry. This takes longer and requires more patience.

    If you do a monochrome underpinning you get all the values right then when it's dry you glaze with transparent paint to add the colour. 

  • @ESAM33
    These are just terms defining the light shadow relationships. This is the type of layering you might get when rendering in some 3d softwares. In a rendering class the professor may use these terms.
    Simply make you color to correspond to the reference be it live of photo. Brush control does the rest.
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