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FINISHED! Boulder Field - High Plateau between Kunanyi Summit and Thark Ridge - OOC - 22" X 42"

edited March 28 in Post Your Paintings

Got the canvas covered tonight. 

This is on the mountain about 30 minutes from my house in Hobart. It's a wild place. No one lives up here. It's too cold and windy and covered in snow for months each year. There is a narrow road up to a viewing point near the summit. It's very popular with tourists who make day trips up here. They get out of their cars and usually take photos in the opposite direction - looking down on the city and the sea - then hop back in their cars and drive down again. They miss so much.

Still many adjustments to make - it's still a WIP. If anyone can see things that need fixing or that don't read right I'd really like to hear it. If there are things about it that you like it I'd appreciate hearing about that, too.

Thanks for looking and commenting.  :)


(Edit: I've replaced the original WIP photo with this better one taken in sunlight which shows the painting at its almost complete stage. )



  • I think it reads right, Rob. You sure have a lot of strange looking landscape down under. I’d love to see it in person. This shot looks cloudy and/or overcast. I’d love to see this scene with partly cloudy skies when the sun was breaking through and creating shadow front to back. As it is imho it works very well and gives it a somewhat tonalist affect. Looking forward to watching it develop! 
  • Thanks, @HondoRW. A bit more to do yet.   :)
  • It looks great. very spatial, the ridge is beautiful :)
  • This is right up there with your best work.  It has that broad abstract feel when viewed from a distance and looks great up close with plenty of things to checkout there.  
    Compositionally my eye wants to look to the far left where the greatest distance is in the view.  That doesn’t bother me.  It’s just an observation.
  • As usual it's going to be phenomenal.  Looking forward to seeing the next installment.
  • So great! Love the composition, and love the overall tonal feel of it. It evokes a sense of awe in me. 
  • Thanks very much, @Bucky.

    That's how I felt when I stood there marveling at the jagged ranges and the boulders strewn across the plateau.  :)
  • Rob

    Great painting.

    Skies will never behave if you want correct exposure for the land. The contrast is just too disparate.
    The solution is to prepare for this in advance. A polarising filter helps. Best solution is to take a bracket of exposures at the same time and place. Stop down the aperture for the sky shot and use the meter for the ground shot. The two can be digitally stitched together. Some cameras can achieve this gymnastic trick with a setting called High Dynamic Range but it’s easy to lose reality.


  • edited March 28
    Thanks, @Dencal. Much appreciated. Glad you think it works ok.

    Next time I'll try taking a photo of the sky part of a painting and then one of the land part separately. Then I'll try to stitch the two together in Affinity Photo. 

    On my Samsung S20 phone there is an HDR setting but I've found it makes things look weird - values and colour out of whack everywhere - so I don't use it.  

    Cheers  :)

  • This is great Rob. It’s an expansive landscape and you captured it perfectly. Those boulders are terrific. Though ‘boulders’ is a bit of a lame description for some of those monsters!
  • edited March 28
    Thanks, @Roxy

    Yes, some of those are big. And the shapes are weird. It's the way dolerite weathers I think. It flakes off in layers. And the wind up there gets them from mostly one angle and produces these blade like shapes. So, in fact, they're ventifacts. I love the different coloured lichens on them, too.   :)

  • Looks fantastic Rob, I love the expanse and massiveness of the scene.
  • Thanks, @MichaelD. I'm happy folks seem to think it works. I've got a lot more rocks and skies to paint before next January.  :)
  • Fantastic painting.  Nicely, and subtly, composed.  Yeah, the Australian landscape is unique and fascinating.  You sure bring this to everyone's attention in this effort.
  • Rob

    Some stunning HDR shots on the web of Mt Wellington. Shows the value of a good sky.


  • edited March 28
    Thanks, @Gary_Heath. I'm glad no one has found any major problems with it. Now I can move onto the next.

    Yes, the Australian landscape has a particular look. And Tasmania even more so. Apart from a few high spots on the mainland Tasmania was the only area in Australia that was covered in ice caps and glaciers during the last glaciation and that helped produce it's unique look. Then there's the weird fauna and flora.  :)
  • edited March 28
    Thanks @Dencal.

    Yes, I did a web search before I went up and took my own photos. I've got more trips up there planned for winter. It's very photogenic. But I can't just paint the usual pretty shots with photoshopped skies for my show. I've got to work to get unique views that few people see when they drive up there. The shot you posted is the classic tourist shot of Hobart and the river from near the summit . Few people venture off the walkway. But it's off the walkway that the best bits are to be found.  Some of the rock formations up there are amazing if you walk just a few hundred meters off the walkway. There are marked trails but it's very hard going. :)

  • looks fantastic @tassieguy! looking forwrad to see your next one in this series :)
  • Another success @tassieguy! I too am looking forward to the next in the series! And best of luck in the future show. 
  • Looks great.  I’m looking forward to seeing your next landscape.
  • Thanks, @HondoRW and @GTO:)

    I've spent a year painting close-up rocks and water. Hopefully, these more expansive views of the mountain will get better as I get used to painting them.  I hate winter but this year I'm impatient for it to arrive so I can go up there and get some snow shots.  :)

  • My immediate reaction when viewing from ten feet away in full screen is the warm glow in the center of the field, which is nice. Once my critical mind comes in my eyes returns to the foreground where there I enjoy the contrast between the red and green shrubs. The only negative thoughts that comes up is your horizon line. Is this the crest of a hill? On the right hand side there is a value change which connects the foreground with the background. On the left, however, for me, there is, for want of correct terminology, but in using Mark's teaching, over defining? I enjoy the greens and pinks bouncing off each other just below too. Oh and the boulders rock, excuse the pun. Having said that I am looking at a highly luminated screen. In the flesh it probably makes sense.
  • edited March 31
    Thanks, @geoffrey_38. I'll have another look at that area and possibly make changes.  :)
  • This is great and successful. I fail terribly at panoramic paintings. This is certainly worth looking at.
  • this is so good... love the theme, is it part of a series ?
  • Thanks very much, @anwesha. Yes, it's part of a series for my next (third) annual show in January. Nearly April already. I'd better get cracking! I need twelve.  :#  :)
  • oh great! this is series is quite different from earlier ones... looking forward to seeing more :) all the best!
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