Trouble with purple

Hi everyone, I'm new on this and starting my first paint. I'm having a very hard time on mixing the dar colour of the background. I started with burnt umber and blue... then some read... it was too brown and from then on everything was quite brown. Just lighter or darker but always brown. I'm using some oils I had at home, not artist quality. Actually I tried to mix also only blue and red and it's not a good violet. I'm not sure if the problem is on the mixing or on the colours. Any tip? 


  • Vene

    Welcome to you.

    Start with magenta and tint and shade from there.

  • I mix my own and tube my violets. That color would be easy but difficult to explain quickly. You could use Ultramarine Violet and Mauve to start. Make sure the verticals are correct. This image is a bit flat. Did you use a longer lens?
  • Hello @Vene i like your setup.  Your background to my eye looks like a violet that leans more toward the red side.  I'm no expert, but I'm thinking if you mixed violet by using blue and red with more red in the mix then adjust value with some white for lighter areas or more blue for darker areas, then it should give you the right color.  Looking forward to seeing this develop.  Following this thread.
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    Manganese violet would be a great place to start mixing this colour. If you're using the carder limited pallet then quinacridone crimson, ultramarine blue, a touch of burnt umber and a touch of titanium white should get you pretty close. 

    When we're just starting out we have to accept that mixing takes time and that we're going to waste a bit of paint in the process. Don't get discouraged. It gets quicker and easier with practice. :)
  • Thanks everyone!!! I'm impressed how generous and fast is the people of this forum. 
    To answer @KingstonFineArt : I used a 45mm lens but with a quite high ISO.
    @dencal thanks for the scale of magenta, it's nice to understand the right path. Still I'm afraid the main problem are the paints. They are not of a very good quality. Still I'll try my best with what I already have. 
    Thank you all for your support!
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