Can I find these feather brushes on Aliexpress?

Hello all, I teach a fine painting / glazing technique course. And with this technique it is common to regularly stroke very lightly over the freshly painted with a feather brush. This to cover up the brushstrokes.

My students are people with a limited budget. That's why I'm looking for feather brushes on aliexpress (or the Joom app) as below. I suspect it's badger hair.

Fan Shaped brushes (image at the bottom) are also suitable. But those rolled up in a reed mat will not stay nice. And brush cases are just a bit too expensive.

When I search for feathered brushes, I find make up stuff.
Or will they possibly also be suitable?

So who has tips, whether I can also find the brushes below on Aliexpress (or the Joom app)?

Already thanks for the replies. ;)

Fan shaped brush:


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