WIP - Silver spoons in a water glass.. painting no. 3

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Edit: Just updated with a photo shot outdoors. After seeing this painting posted here I’ve decided that it is not yet finished. I now see that the tablecloth needs attention. I’ll post the finished painting soon.

Hello all. This 8 x 10 oil painting is from a photo that I took a few years ago when I first discovered MC and DMP. At the time I was merely watching the videos.
This was not an easy one for me. As I said in the discussion title, it’s only my third painting. Due to the residual effects of a stroke, I actually have trouble remembering the colors I want and then once I think I’ve got it, I forget where they go! So painting is really therapeutic and I’m so grateful that I found Mark and all of you.
Thank you in advance for your comments and criticism. Please don’t try to spare my feelings. I really want to hear your honest feedback.
The second photo shows it next to the source photo.. just a quick snapshot. (Don’t judge. Lol!)



  • It’s a bit dark but the relative values look good. Your observation of detail is very fine, from the lip of the glass to the cut crystal parts.
    Looks like you had a great time working on it. 
  • I like your drawings. Their values are perfect. :)
  • I like this a lot. The drawing is very good and the values look right.  :)
  • @GTO, @geoffrey_38, @tassieguy Thank you. Y’all are too kind. As this has evolved into more of a value study, I really appreciate hearing that you are all in agreement. I think I have an easier time with the values aspect of painting than I do with the color mixing. This is my first painting using Geneva stain and it’s been a little shock to my system to apply paint to such a dark ground...With your continued feedback I know I can do this. Once again, thank you. Please keep it coming!🙂
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    In fact the large value shapes are off bay at least a tone. The drawing is good. I'm missing the telltale tarnish tint from the photo.
    The surface plane, table cloth, is the big value issue .

    I've gone back and rest the white balance in the main photo and the tarnish appears. But the exposure is too bright. Do you shoot RAW format.   I repeat myself. We only get one chance at the first impression.

  • Thanks for the feedback @KingstonFineArt. It was good of you to take the time to help me improve. I’m working on the tablecloth today. 
    The photo was just a snap with my iPhone. 
    You’re right about first impressions. I post my works in progress in order to glean knowledge from the hive mind before making irreparable mistakes, but I am rethinking that strategy. 
    Again, thanks. Your comments are always insightful and welcome. 
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