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A light that mimics morning sunlight?

I usually paint still lifes by a north light window. However, I've noticed in some other artists' paintings there is a distinct early morning sunrise-light look to them. The kind of light that would come through the windows on the east side of your house in the early morning. Obviously you can get this kind of light the natural way, but I wonder is anyone aware of any artificial (electric) lights/lamps that can mimic that kind of light for use in a still life setup.

Here is a painting by Robert Papp that illustrates the early morning sunlight look:



  • I believe that incandescent bulbs and warm led bulbs wired to a dimmer switch would do it. This may include experimenting with low and medium wattage in the bulbs and a variety of small lamps. The added use of colored filters may assist in this. You may have to experiment with a variety of bulbs as they vary so much in color intensity and hue.
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    There are led lights that let you. GVM lights are arrays of in equal numbers cool leds and warm leds. I think 480 leds in all you cal sail up the cool get 5800 degrees K and Down to 3200 warm light. I use them in my studio along with other lights. They are pricey. 
    Home Depot sell Philips Hue leds which are bulbs the you can set to many colors and intensity. Also not cheap. 
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