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Most recent painting. East 6th Street.

East 6th Street.  A collaboration between me and Mac McDonnell, one of my oldest friends who has lived in Austin Texas  and photographed it for over thirty years.  I haven’t been to Austin for nearly thirty years, but this painting brings back memories of Mac and I strolling along this iconic street.


  • I like the painting.  BTW the drawing that you use for your icon is impressive.  
  • This is great @hjgalbraith. I’ve been wanting to do a street scene for a while now. What size is this? And @GTO is right...your icon drawing is really good. 
  • IHondoRW, thanks for the kind words.  I’m working through a pile of 20x16 canvases that I bought by mistake.  This is my second street scene of the Austin Texas area.  The owner of a gallery in a nearby town wants me to have four street scenes, so I am working on two more.  He cycles them in snd out periodically to keep things “fresh”.

      My icon is a 9 x 12” inch self portrait in pencil that I did in 2019. This is the size pencil portrait I normally sell locally (Grand Island, NE).  

    So,  I’ll be posting mostly 20x16 paintings for a few weeks.  I’ll likely go broke framing them for galleries.

  • I gotta say, I thought I was pretty motivated before I discovered Mark Carter’s web site.  My level of motivation is up by an order of magnitude lately.

    l have used a mix of methodologies over the last forty years motivated by John Sanden and Daniel Greene.  I’m also a huge fan of Ray Kintsler, though I never bought his books or Videos.  The street scenes are a way for me to break away from portraiture for awhile.  I’m definitely seeing Marks influence on my work and my studio.  This is so much fun.
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