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Geneva paint drying time

emazemaz -
edited March 15 in Studio & Supplies
How long for drying time? I’m just about to 
complete my first painting. I’m an absolute beginner. But I do think I want to try a glaze before I’m done. Approximately how long until it dries before I can try to glaze? How will I know if it’s dry enough? And after the glaze dries where can I get information on varnishing?


  • emaz

    BU about 2 days
    UMB and AC about 5 days
    CYL and TW about 10 days

    The ‘about’ figures are the variability in temperature and humidity.
    Most of what ends up on a canvas is a mixed value and not a pure pigment.

    I would attempt a glaze a week or so after the surface was touch dry and not tacky anywhere.
    ‘Use Liquin or similar if you need to speed dry in 24 hours.

    If you type ‘varnish’ into the Search Box at the top of the page you can read 150 pages with 200 opinions.

  • Plus Mark Carder's opinions:

  • Super useful, thanks everybody. What do you guys do during drying time? I’m going to need a second easel so I can start work on something else huh?  Or is there some other way I haven’t thought of to safely set it aside?
  • In a video Mark says that he leans them against something with the back of the canvas up, to keep dust off the paint.  There are panel carriers you can make or buy.  you can sometimes store them in a frame, the wrong side.  What happens is only the edges, the actual corner of the edges comes in touch with the frame, as it slopes in.  You may have cheap frames or dollar store frames you could press into use.

    Around the 7:00 mark you get a quick look at the frames he makes to carry a few pieces at a time.  And his boxes.  I have seen boxes in studios that had the slots, but were open to the top.

    More detail here:

    Of course if you put them away with too little circulation they will not dry quickly.

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