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Storms, Horns and Granite, 24”x36”, oil

edited March 18 in Post Your Paintings
Sorry to repost but after a suggestion I removed the road and I like it much better. I will call it done after I fix a couple of areas. Scroll to the bottom to see the update. Thanks again🙂. 

This is a large granite dome (second largest in the U.S.) about 65 miles /105 km from where I live in central Texas. It’s called Enchanted Rock from the name given it by the Native Americans in the area. I’ve climbed it a couple of times (it’s more of a hike) in my life. Beautiful 360 deg view of the surrounding countryside from the top. This is a view from the eastern side. Comments and criticism welcomed. Thanks for checking it out. 

Reference photo I took on the drive from the east side of the mountain. As you can see I took some artistic liberty as I was going more for a “look” and atmosphere than a copy of the photo. 



  • You obviously have a feel for the natural world, @HondoRW. If I were driving near that huge granite formation I'd just have jump out and climb it.

    The painting is great in terms of colour. And you've captured the pastoral feel of the place with the cattle, fences and fields. The cows are really well done. I also like the dramatic sky.

    The one thing that bothers me a wee bit is the composition. It might be better if that foreground field with the tall dry grass extended right across the lower third of the picture. Put your hand over the left hand corner so that it covers that bit of road. Do it with both the photo and the painting. Does it make for a better composition without the road? Others might feel differently but it works better for me without that section of road. This is just a suggestion and I'd wait to see what others think before you consider changing anything. I might be wrong or there might be a better solution.

    I hope you don't mind me pointing it out. I like it when people point to problems. So many times folks here have pointed out things and I've been able to fix them before the pictures get to the gallery. This place is such a valuable resource.  :)
  • The clouds and the way you handled the green hills in the back ground are perfect.  It has a great feel to the land and brush.
    I think I agree with Rob about the road.  Without the road it has a softer more relaxed easy feeling.
  • Thanks very much for the suggestion @tassieguy and @GTO. Rob, please don’t ever hesitate to make suggestions. That’s one of the reasons I’m on the forum, so feel free anytime to make suggestions, or criticism for that matter. I have a lot to learn. 
    I do like your suggestion about the road. I really struggled with the composition on this one. I don’t think I even thought about removing the road, but I like the idea. It’s funny how many problems a road creates in a painting. Thanks again and thanks for checking it out
  • Those stormy clouds look like they’re going to scrape the top of that mountain.
  • Ah, yes, that looks much better, @HondoRW
  • I think so too. Thanks for the suggestion, Rob. You wouldn’t believe how many times I repainted that road trying to make it look right. I could have saved a lot of work by just leaving it out😁. 
  • And we still get the feeling that the road continues out of sight beneath the crest of the hill on which the cattle stand. So you didn't really loose anything, @HondoRW. Nice work.   :)
  • Thanks @GTO
    Thanks @tassieguy. That’s how I was looking at it too, Rob. 🙂
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