Earl WIP

Hello everyone!  Haven't posted in a while as I've started two other paintings and put them aside to be finished later.  Been tough getting myself motivated.  Decided to do portraits of both my dogs at the behest of my husband who has been begging me to do them for a while now.  This is Earl on 12x12 cardboard canvas. Actually worked about an hour and a half tonight on this one and hadn't done that before.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There will definitely be more late evening/early night painting sessions again.  Deciding to do the pet portraits has got my creative juices flowing again and am so proud so far of this one.  Duke, the other dog, is next.  Then the two that are on hold and one other that I started last year.  My painting and reference photo.  Any critique is welcome.  Still a long way to go.  Background look okay to you guys?

My painting so far not including tonight's session.

Reference photo:

Still need to lighten the top part of his nose.  I've added more indication at the top of our left ear to show the top flap.  Using a looser brush stroke than I normally do.  

Let me know your thoughts. 



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