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Coastal Colour Fields - 42" 42" - OOC

edited March 9 in Post Your Paintings

This is one I didn't get finished in time for my show in January. I've been working on something else that's now finished and had some time today so I finish this one off as well. 

It's a rock platform on the headland at the end of the beach near our place. I was fascinated by the yellows and tried to do something unusual with the composition. Not sure it works entirely but I'm happy with the big rock at left and it's shadow on the yellow rock platform. 

I took this crappy photo indoors with my phone. Sorry about the glare at the top. 

Comment, critique and suggestions very welcome.

Thanks for looking and commenting.  :)


(I've replaced the poor quality photo I posed here originally. This one is much better. Taken outside in daylihgt with proper camera)


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