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WIP but comments welcome

My second oil painting ever. I definitely have suffered from the temptation to blend blend blend. It was kind of funny because I purchased Marks portrait course and he’s very clear about avoiding the temptation to blend. And I could hear his voice in my head  as I went to blend. Not only did I probably over blend, but holy cow it’s very difficult. 

But it’s from a reference photo and the actress has flawless skin. Still working on it. Almost didn’t post it some of you guys are so good it’s kind of amazing. But inspiring!

I have so much to learn. But this is a lot of fun. Mark videos are fantastic, and so are the Geneva products. Using Geneva paint.

16x20 canvas board.

Still need to finish, add some detail and then I’m going have a million questions about varnishing and framing. 


  • Your second painting looks great. The adjustments you’ve done have made a good deal of improvement.  
  • Thanks. And that’s why I am mesmerized by oil painting, especially portraits. The tiniest tiniest adjustments make a real difference. Fascinating!
  • CBGCBG -
    edited March 8

    Yes the adjustments you have made have improved it much! 

    BTW I've heard that if you are focusing on form and symmetry using a mirror to double check progress can help with training that aspect... until one has developed an eye for that sort of thing.  Then you can throw that mirror away!

    Well done!

  • Getting there. Now I’m getting obsessed with how much fine detail can add to a painting. Wow this is fun! Still much to do in hair and other details.  The leather jacket was surprisingly easy to do and so much fun.
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