First attempt at Mark's pear

At the request of @KingstonFineArt, I am moving this painting here instead of where I first posted, since it will most likely get more noticed and critiqued. Thanks for that, @KingstonFineArt.

This painting was done in acrylics, but I had a difficult time as the paint darkens a step or two as it dries. I will be switching to oils very soon. I am very inspired from watching Mark's instructive videos and am very grateful that he offers so much advice. I have not been painting for very long. I started in watercolour, and  just practised drawing and sketching before that. Very excited to try oils.



  • Thats awesome. Especially for being done in acrylic.  I hope you have the same eye opening experience that I did once you make the switch to oils.  I found acrylics so frustrating. I can't wait to see what you do in the future. 
  • Very painterly. You have painted a credible pear without fussing over unnecessary detail. I love the looseness and brushwork. 

    I, too, tried acrylics but found the colour shifts annoying and distracting. And it dries so quickly you can't rub out and redo sections like you can with oils. 

    I look forward to seeing your work in oils.  :) 
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    Yes Acrylic painting would seem at first thought to be easier. It isn't. I paint with it often but have for a long time. It can be unforgiving. Mark's pear requires open paint. Essentially oil paint. You've done a good underpainting for an oil. !
    Can I ask why you chose acrylic in the first place?
  • Thanks for all your inspiring comments! I appreciate it very much. In answer to @KingstonFineArt
    I chose acrylic kind of by accident. I was going to move to gouache from watercolour just to do something different and bought Liquitex Acrylic Gouache by mistake. Not knowing anything about acrylic at this point, it was kind of fun to play around with it. My next move was buying a starter set of acrylic heavy body paint of which I did this painting with.
  • It's awesome to see the pear you painted.

    I remember back when I was trying to use Bob Ross tutorials, I used acrylics.  I loved them because they dried so quickly.  If I finally got anything to look right, I wanted it to dry before I could mess it up!  I wondered why everyone said oils were better...

    I love oils now and I hope you've been able to try them. 
  • I love this! Beautiful and it has so much character <3
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