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My Painting in grayscale lacks something

I took this image of a 1963 Chevy Lowrider, at a car show. I  decided to paint it in grayscale. Am not planning on changing that. What if anything do you suggest I do to give it more life? Something is missing and I can’t put my finger on it. 



  • I think the only thing that’s missing is the title.
    the painting looks great.  It has an Edward hopperish feel to it.  Like there’s something dark hiding underneath the surface.  I get that feeling from the two figures in the back seat looking off in the distance at something we cannot see.
  • Really? 
    It’s been a long time, since I put myself out there. I wish I knew more about using archival technique. Well, that’s why I’m here. To learn from you all. 
  • It's missing the shine. The chrome. The reflection of the world around them.
    I used to have a 63 chevy and a 65. Mine were beat up hand me downs but they still were chrome a bit pitted but still shine. A showy car will shine. Your chrome and paint isn't shiny. Look at the contrasts in the same mirror below sharp lines and contrasts . 
    The guys inside are just posing. It's theater. The car is the star.

    A note.  It's really hard to evaluate a painting that isn't photographed well. 

  • I think it boils down to what you are trying to say.  What’s the story?  Is the car the star or the people inside the car?
  • Kingston, 
    I think you hit the mail in the head. Starting from the photo. The photo is pretty good but blown up, it loses so much detail. Second, you’re correct about the reflection/s. 

    We are car buff. I act have a ‘67 SS Fast Back, that we are restoring for me. 

    Right now the painting reminds me of a car with primer vs paint. It doesn’t look finished. 

    I do want to keep it grayscale. Will need to study it to see what changes I will make. 

    Thank you for replying.

  • Sorry for the typos, I have a toddler crawling all over me. To top it off, she keeps stealing my eye glasses! 
  • Not sure how to reply to individual comments, yet.

    You do have a point. We attend a lot of car shows, even out-of-state, my husband is a renowned upholsterer, this is our world, has been since we were young. 

    I believe  I’m trying to give the viewer, a sense of our world. It’s important that I focus on the car and the passengers. Can a painting be successful and have more than one main subject?

    This is my husband’s’77 Monte Carlo. 
  • The Monte Carlo is a cool car.  I like the older carts like that.
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