Color mixing

This is a very good video demonstrating the mixing of color to match color chips.  He matches color very quickly.
He also has an interesting video on matching value using the afterimage of color.



  • I liked watching the way he matched values before adding the colors together.

    You've piqued my interest with the afterimage mention... I looked for that one, too, but I havent found it yet.
  • This guy is a very noisy lightweight. If you want to look at color from a higher plane. Look up the twentieth century's master of color Josef Albers.

    If you want to see how oil color mixing is done at a very high level check out Judith Reeve at Efficient and economical. No noise at all.
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    Poor Mr. Shamback. "[A] very noisy lightweight". I imagine some would disagree with this off-hand and unkind assessment. On what is it based? I'm guessing that even if others agreed with your opinion, @Kingston, I doubt they would have expressed it in those offensive terms.  Does your mouth often get you into trouble, @Kingston?
  • I found what I did watch of the video to be quite useful.

    I agree though, its one thing to state that you dont like or agree with something or someone but being unpleasant about or towards an individual is uncalled for and only reflects on the person who is throwing it out.

    Thats not what this forum is about.
  • @tassieguy
    I have quite often mentioned the origins of modern color here. From the 1800s with Chevreul's massive work,The Principle of Harmony and Contrast of Colors and their Application to the Art. The works and palette of Monet. The Academic works of Pope, Dehham Ross and John Sloan and their influences on twentieth century realism. I admit do not like some that go youtube to get clicks proposing really I don't know the word unstudied ideas of color. And present them as breakthrough palettes. Yes I can express myself harshly on these folks. There are so many legit people on the net and YouTube that present color.

    Although I disagree with Mark's simplistic approach color it does ultimately make a full spectrum and all the colors any one would need to mix.

    I thought that the DMP 'method' was what this forum was about. Draw, Mix, Paint as presented by Mark Carder. Draw you subject well. Find and Mix your color well while Painting with those colors over that well made drawing. That seems to be a pretty good focus. 

    I'll apologize for my negative comment about that guy who is really miles away from that simple principle.  I am not Mark's representative by any means. I do find myself returning over and over again to the simplicity of those DMP principles. That work flow. The primary colors. 
  • Yes, I think that's right, @MichaelD., There's nothing wrong with saying you don't like something or that you disagree with someone, but why belittle or insult them? It's just so unnecessary and counterproductive. And it's annoying to read!  
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    That's all very well, @KingstonFineArt. But why do you need to insult and belittle people? What does it achieve?  It just casts YOU in a very bad light. 
  • @tassieguy
    First I was a secondhand reference to someone. The like saying Trump is a jerk. In the future I will try to redirect the focus back to the precepts of DMP. To Mark's videos. To references on the DMP web site.

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    That sounds like a good idea, @KingstonFine. We all appreciate that you have a lot of knowledge and experience and I, for one, look forward to learning more from you and to the enjoyment of seeing more of your great work.  :)
  • I thought I should comment on the recent post regarding Ben Shamback.  I posted it because he shows a quick and easy way to match a color.  Some have posted comments in the forum about how difficult it is for them to mix a color even with Marks instructions.  His approach is pretty direct.  Ben Shamback does have credentials MFA and teaches at the university of Alabama. (At least he did a few years ago).  A lot of his YouTube videos were recorded as demonstrations for class lessons.  
    I think what he demonstrates can be helpful to a lot of artists on the forum.  I know that not everyone here is strictly following the DMP method, and that’s quite all right.  You don’t have to follow DMP to contribute on this forum.
    I myself don’t mix colors the way Ben demonstrated.   I rarely use white (and never use black) to adjust a color value before adding it to a mix to fine tune the color matching.  I use yellow, umber and ultramarine to adjust the value and then adjust the color using the primaries as needed.  I’m not saying my method or Ben’s method are better or worse than any other.  I figure as long as you get to your matching color, value, chroma, that you want (and that may be different than what you see in front of you) then it’s all that matters.

    I did look at the link earlier to but didn’t find anything about mixing color.  
  • @GTO
    Here is the directory of Judith's posts. Many are color relationship related. If you look through her works think about the fact that she does most or even all of this plain air. Managing her complex color. Painting large canvas on a rickety easel. I love her seascapes she does in Maine every year.
  • @KingstonFineArt thanks for the link.  It looks like a treasure trove of color theory.  It will be fun reading.  
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