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Learning to paint silver

Hi all! Hope you’re keeping well and safe. I’ve been working on this simple still life for practice. I like how unpolished silver gets and wanted to capture the interesting surface, but was probably trying too hard and overthinking it as I was seeing too many colors in there 😊
I’m not happy with the flowers, for some reason they turned out to be rather challenging to render and color match. Any tips?
Sorry the picture isn’t very good, not much natural light here lately. I’ll try and take another one when the sun is back...



  • You’ve got the tarnished silver looking great.  The flowers are close to perfection but I think the edges need work.  The greyish yellow antique look to the flowers is close but I think you need a bit less white. 
  • Thank you @GTO, constructive and helpful comment, as always. I was getting really frustrated with those flowers, repainted a couple of times due to color (first turned out too yellow, then too grey) and decided to stop before I ruined the fabric around, that’s why terrible edges. I was gonna ditch it, but now think you’re right, need to put some more work into the edges
  • The silver surface is well done. But the flower are stiff. It is so important to have a good photo. 
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