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My son on stage: work (I thought was finished) in progress…HELP!

Hi from England. This portrait of my son on stage in a London studio production (before lockdown) was, I thought, finished. The studio lighting etc., was a real challenge, however, the painting has been drying for ages now. I want to varnish and frame it for his birthday in May. I think I made a mistake using two blacks – ‘ivory’ and the opaquer ‘lamp’ - for the dark area of background/stage over his right shoulder (on left as you look at image). It was really difficult to photograph for this post so I’ve lightened the image considerably for the blow-up of the section which just about shows uneven patches that look odd – especially following the outline of his shoulder. I’m worried these will be even more obvious when the painting is varnished. I’m considering whether I should repaint the whole area maybe with a burnt umber/ultramarine blue mixture? Any thoughts please, ideas would be very welcome. Thank you. (The painting is oil on canvas board 84cm x 59cm).  



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