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My first painting using DMP 8"x8" on panel

Hi! My name is Vinnie, and I've been enjoying reading all of your posts and seeing your paintings. I'm feeling ready to post my first oil painting, and my first using DMP. I have done some acrylic painting for a while, and I'm self taught using youtube, so if you have any critique for me I'd be happy to hear it.

Thanks so much!


  • Looks like a great DMP painting.  Did you paint this from life or from the photo?
  • I love this @fv_analog. You captured the metallic sheen beautifully. 
    If you really are looking for a critique.. I respectfully submit that you might want to re-check your values especially in the plunger and in the lower front of the container body. Both areas read lighter than your source... I think as is it is a wonderful painting. I’m just making this comment because you are beginning with the DMP method and Mark teaches “values , values , values...” Great work! I’m looking forward to seeing more!
  • @GTO Thank you! I painted this from a printout of this image, which I think did have different values to the digital image. @SecondSarah thank you! I agree but it can be hard to tell when I'm just being hard on myself. I'm working on a larger piece soon that I look forward to posting too!
  • I understand the print out thing. Nice display of metal object.  Maybe it needs some darkening in some areas. 
  • It may need a little darkening in some areas, but I like your painting better than the photo.
  • The painting looks good but the photo of the painting leaves a lot to be desired. 
  • Nice @fv_analog - my Mum used to have one of those to water her ferns. You did a good job with those tough ellipses. It looks to me there is a pussy cat whisker stuck on the right hand side near the table edge?
  • Good start. Never easy taking source photos or finished photos. Glare is a bitch. I like the contrast on the spout. As with kaustavM, getting those darks in and leaving them alone really helps in grounding the subject and to judge further steps, going from dark to light. I think Mark's video on how to paint a metal cup, a must see video in his tutorial method, would really help going forward. Try not to get tricked by the bright glow/s. Build up your steps with dirty colours and then add a final highlight.
  • This is very good. Especially for a first painting. It works well and I really get the feel of a metal vessel. Some parts could be a little darker - the lower section of the vessel for example - but that may just be a problem with photographing the painting. If not, you could easily adjust the darks by painting over opaquely or by glazing.

    Keep doing what you're doing because it's working. I wish my first had been as good as this.  :)  
  • I think it’s a great start! The metallic property is captured well, and I like your abstract brushwork to represent the marble surface
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