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Speed painted still life

edited February 15 in Post Your Paintings
I discovered my canvas was faulty so decided to paint this without colour checking or organizing steps, as per Marks teaching method.

I usually paint this way in acrylic. So much harder when everything either turns into a blended mess or a milky milkshake. I will return to following the method. Nice to play though.

Took about 6 hours. Could keep going but its already a blended milkshake. 

Auckland, my home town, just went into a 3 day lockdown. So got the paints out to distract from the boredom.

Oil on canvas 14x18.



  • edited February 15
    Well, @geoffrey_38, despite the over-blending, this isn't bad at all. I like the low keyed colour scheme. It's an interesting composition, too, and the work on the glassware and metal objects is really very good.

     I struggle to stop myself from blending, sometimes, but I'm getting better at it I think. Blending is often what I do when I don't know how to make something look right - I sort of mindlessly doodle around with the brush in the hope something will emerge. It doesn't. For me, this is always the result of not having thought things out before starting and not colour checking enough. 

    But. as you say, it's fun just to play around sometimes.  In your painting it's really only the fabric and the interior of the glasses that could be crisper. I wouldn't call this a failure by any means. Keep at it to stay amused (and safe) during lockdown.

    When will all this end! Just when I thought you guys in NZ had knocked it one the head you get more cases. Same has happened in Melbourne. Despite the new cases you have, NZ has been the most successful country in the world at keeping COVID in check. But bring on the vaccines!  :)
  • For the short amount of time you put in this looks great.  
    I think the 3 day lock down is the right thing to do.  NZ has been exemplary in their covid efforts but this just shows that a true global effort will be required to stop the virus.  Countries need to coordinate, but they probably won’t do so until the second or third variant wave hits everyone.
  • I think it looks awesome for 6 hours. The "milky milkshake" was taking over your curtain, but it actually is kinda cool to look at
  • Very good for the time on the brush. There are a bunch of eye stoppers but six hours all are forgiven. Would you could consider this as a study and do a tightened up final painting?
  • @KingstonFineArt I consider this a study, yes. As it is the 3rd oil painting I have done using DMP paint and method I considered this a learning experience. Albeit one which I deviated from the learning method on this one. Still learning to see value and apply paint. If anything I want to get looser and not get hung up on detail. But I have had a long career in fine dining as a professional chef where detail is everything. Painting is a great way to enjoy my creative freedom now that I can longer professionally cook due to chronic pain.
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