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3D Printed Ear Still Life - Forgiveness' Blog - Painting Update-A Little More

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The 1st 2 drawings above are self explanatory. The 3rd drawing is my 2nd attempt at capturing the planes of the ear, this will assist me quite a lot later when I get to painting, and some info about brush strokes. There is no actual reference for rendering the planes of the ear, but it was strongly recommended to improvise, to come up with my own, given my previous experiences and studies of planes everywhere else in the human body. I didn't get enough simplification on my 1st attempt(not shown), but I think I got this time?, shown here.

My foundation for building up this oil painting comes next, color washes block-ins.


  • @Forgiveness
    You are showing a futuristic tendency with the planar drawing. ;)
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    I have laid in these washes using linseed oil as my medium, over previously stained canvas. The colors I have are as follows, my mix of red with pthalo green for the deepest part in the background, cyprus burnt umber warm, yellow ochre, cobalt blue. I need to let this dry 2-3 days I hope, the cobalt blue seems slower to dry than the others, maybe too much linseed oil in that area? I'll see what I have tomorrow. I've really struggled over proportions in this, but I seem to have worked it out. I hope that these color washes are not too strong, the dark areas and the cobalt blue areas are ok with me. Hopefully this will be dry tomorrow and I've settled on 11" x 14" format on this attempt. I should have copied my charcoal drawing above to keep that format but this is still ok. This is so much easier and a pleasure to paint this while standing.

     I'll be thinking setting myself up to start painting next, I see nothing but semi-neutrals and neutrals in this.
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    It turns out that I used too much linseed oil in the cobalt blue area. I've wiped it off & I'm redoing that area with dry paint straight from the tube, spreading it thin with paper towel, if I get to do this early enough today it will be dry by tomorrow. If left as it was, it may take 3-5 or more days to dry. All other areas on this are dry already.
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    This will add a little more punch to it, and should be dry overnight.
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