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Study drawing for painting


  • Great idea for a painting, @MichaelD. Reminds me of the staircase of the ancient apartment building I inhabited in Paris - I was on the 6th floor and there was no lift. Just a winding staircase like the one you've drawn here.  Do the colours you've used give an indication of the colour scheme of the painting - greens and greys? :)
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    Thank you @tassieguy there will be some great ones in Paris I would love to do.

    This is a fairly typical Scottish one. Its actually a few doors down from my block, but ours is too yellow and bright.

    This one has a mood too it. 

    The walls are more dark olive in source photo I took. In fact all the dark values are darker, with some nice highlights on the steps and a little on the wooden banister.

    Because of the medium I used here -polychrome coloured pencils, graphite pencil and charcoal I have not quite captured the wonderful intensities of the shadows, darks and lights.

    I will be aiming for that in the painting.

  • I like this as a concept very much, I think you have a good perspective, I find this a challenge in my own efforts. I really appreciate that you mentioned it is Scottish and the qualities that make it so.
     I've been working on quite a similar concept here where I live, I have reference photos, I love taking care of this staircase in the maintenance of it. This staircase was built by a master Irish shipbuilder, immigrated to Canada in the 1920's-30's, he was one of our 1st settlers and builders here. To me this looks like state of the art, a rare example of great wood work, I believe some engineering invested into it as well. I don't want to give this away on this site at this point but just thought I would mention it. But I like it that it is Irish made and not Canadian in this case, there is quite a difference in the craftmanship.
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    Thank you @Forgiveness, yes there are a lot of stairwells here with character and I will no doubt do more.
    It may not be apparent in this study but they are actually stone. I know what you mean about good craftsmanship though, and I very much appreciate that about these stairwells, I like a lot of the detail.

    The block I am in and the one in the study were built around 1880.

    Here is a small piece I did from my communal stairwell a few years ago. I would probably do it better now, but I captured the essence in general.

    7x5 inch
  • Interesting how things like this have evolved or changed in styles over the years.
  • So far so cool, looking forward to see the painting:)
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