A Geneva 12 color palette

Here's video I made of mixing a 12 color palette using only Geneva primaries. No sound.




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    Very interesting.  From the Geneva primaries I've found it problematic to mix some greens without a cool blue or even a green base, Ultramarine is rather warm for mixing from.  

    I find it expedient to add a warm dark (Burnt Umber) and a cool dark (Paynes Gray) for mixing near-neutrals in various values as a foundation.  Much better than dealing with any of the blacks.  Do you use Titanium White or Lead White?
  • @KingstonFineArt that’s a good video on mixing that pallet of colors.
    I think this music in the link below would have added another dimension to the video though. 😀

  • @GTO
    Ha Ha! I was think more like a Laurel and Hardy thing.
    I will be editing this into my paintinginmyunderpants act as soon as I get my Starlink set up
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    The link below takes you to a video by Mark. It is still the best video on mixing colour that I have seen and I've seen quite a few.

      Mark's demonstration makes it really clear for beginners and he explains things very well in a good, clear voice.  He also points to others of his free videos that deal with specific issues. For example, there is one where he paints a silver mug and in that one colour mixing is discussed in the context of a particular painting.

    But the one below will lead beginners to all of Mark's other videos on colour matching and mixing.  Enjoy  :)

    How to Match Any Color with Oil Paint - YouTube
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