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First self portrait in 4 years Finished?

Progression on my self portrait. Drawing with small brush, burnt Sienna and OMS using proportional divider for scaling 1. Resolved the surface issue is explained in "A cautionary Tale' and did my version of a stain 2. Built an under paint 3. Start finding color 4. Start paint 2/10/21. I can only paint about 4 hours a day standing up at most. I'm getting up there as you might see. Standing is the best way to paint oils. Free movement of the body, arm and wrist.

This is from a photo front lighting with bright key behind. I am working from a small print for measuring and a 27 inch iMac for detail. Color is a mix of print and screen. I took 1 day off. So starting on 2/5 to today is lets say 4 days. About 12 to 16 hours to this point.

16 x 12 oil on Fredricks canvas pad.



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    Great work! I like what you mentioned above and is so true about standing up at the easel for painting. In school, life drawing, costume drawing and painting were done standing, this was the best! It's a very good quality to add to the art work, full body exertion from the artist including heart & soul.
     I'm almost finished my refurbishing work on my ca., 100 year old Hughes-Owens easel that will allow me to better stand, and I will have better choice in tilt and have 90 degrees capability available, I'll post in a new thread before & after photos when I'm finished, soon, I have a big wood cutting to do by hand and assembly.
  • Self-portrait from 1973. Acrylic

  • Awesome stuff! I'm working toward another portrait but I need to clear my schedule of what I have on the go already.
     Lucky you! Very happy you're getting your shots so soon. I won't get a vaccine for many months yet, maybe Nov., Dec. 2021, or maybe not until spring 2022 as things stand here at this time. And I'm living in one of the most seriously challenged provinces out of 12 total.
  • It's looking good, @KingstonFineArt. I like the high keyed colour scheme and there is some nice brushwork and texture happening.  :)
  • I always enjoy your work. Thanks for posting the progressions...especially the one from 73!!!  Very nice work as always...tell me, where did you go to school?
  • @tassieguy
    I'm try for that old fashion movie star lighting. I remember some class where we did life drawing and how difficult managing value was. I can't find my pants most days but I can remember some class from 1967.

    Thanks Mark. Strange how 'the most advanced societies' can't get their shit together.

    I went to an applied art school called The School of Practical Art in Boston. A three year school. One year of foundation and two years of major. They later changed the name to The Art Institute of Boston. Surrounded by the BU campus upstairs from a club called the Psychedelic Supermarket where I watched Cream practice on day. I mention that to establish the time frame. Painting realism was out. I was enrolled in the Illustration program which was the only chance of learning realism. Funny because I became a humorous Illustrator. A cartoonist.  
    During a stint in NYC I attended 2 semesters of evening class at SVA  with Milton Glaser. He was a giant. The class were all high level students. His critiques were strong to the heart of the matter. This is where I gained focus. Milton Glaser died just recently.

  • The trouble with where I live is I get confused between humility and humiliation, I think that these run in parallel lines & rarely separated, so embarrassing, lol! in Zen, things don't get better, this is it. Lol!
     That's great that you actually got to study under the great Milton Glaser, one of my most favorite all time heroes! I studied about him and his work in college in mid 80's and absolutely loved it! I know he passed recently, what a great man and quite a loss.
     And you got to witness Cream practice all day! How great is that! Incredible for those times!
  • Fine painting!  I like your brushwork/style. Thanks for showing the stages 
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    Great work! I also like the background, very interesting what it does for the portrait.
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