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WIP - “Emma”

A work in progress I’m painting for my 4 year old daughter, Emma.  She’s loves bugs and animals, and is our butterfly.  For the composition, I was inspired by others’ use of common household objects, condiment jars, and toys.  The objects here have personal meaning to me.  I’ll post pics after I transfer the drawing and along the way.  This is 8x8 board. 


  • I love your composition - the way the insects are positioned in relation to the stacks of blocks. I look forward to seeing it progress.  :)
  • the drawing looks great , looking forward to see the painting :)
  • This is so charming. I just love it! One small observation, offered humbly,  if I may... before you begin painting, you may want to check the angle of the “C” plane on the bottom block on the left. Otherwise, it’s a winner in the making! 😊 
  • I have to fix the E, add the butterfly, and the big shadow on the left, and touch ups.  The yellow color on the block is off.   Got tired and need to take a break.  
  • @BKW
    I get a feeling you are rushing this. Slooow down. As for the shadow on the left ... leave it out for a while. I think it looks stronger without it. Take it slow. 

    Looks good. What's the story?
  • It's looking great. You are doing it from love, which is the best reason. :)
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