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A Practice Lemon

A little practice lemon today from life on 5x7 board. I’m trying to slow down and focus on light, shape, and color.  Critique/Feedback welcome!   



  • Looking good.  There’s a bit of a glow to the lemon.  Don’t know if that’s intentional or not.  The key DMP method (and I am simplifying it here.). Is work dark to light, background to foreground (do the area behind an object first) and consider value then color and shape then edge.  
  • Good painting. The table top is well resolved. The color reflection shows good observation and resolution of ground plane. The lemon is flat though. You can work over this to find the volume in the lemon.
    You need to work on your drawing skills. Drawing is where we find understanding of the subject. Understanding of where it is in space. It's volume.
  • I went back to this yesterday and turned it into an apple hahaha.   ;)    When life gives you a lemon, well you know... 

  • Ha ,
    Love it.

    Well at the end of the day its apples and oranges

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