My Color Choices

This is more or less what I use now. 


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    Wow!  The difference between Flake and Titanium white when you get to the magenta near the end is striking indeed.

    I like seeing everyone's different base pallette choices.  SO educational. 

    Also, you are so speedy with your mixing and getting the colors you want.  

    On an unrelated note, is your alazarin actually or one of the more lightfast replacements like PR177, PR264, etc.?
  • @Dustin_Cropsboy hey thanks. I have no idea what that alizarin is! no pigment number. But since I use it so little that it doesn't really matter. It's the only color (60ml tube) that I've been using since 2018 and still half full!  =)
    One funny thing that I noticed about lead white is that it still can tint the colors when you use a lot of it. But the results are different compared to pure titanium.
  • What brand are you using that doesn't have the pigment number? I would still be wary!
  • @Richard_P it's Indian brand Camlin. But I'm now less concerned about these because I've been using this color since 1996 and colors are still there in my oldest. Plus I don't use red, I use Burnt Sienna.
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