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  • I like this. Does feel like a sunset :)
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    Good start. Painting light coming through trees is a challenge. You have to think of each of those sky holes as apertures of light in many various sizes. Some letting a lot of light through some just barely letting any through. The more light the color influence is sky dominant. The less would be the foliage or limb. Here's an image by a great American Illustrator Bernie Fuchs for Sports Illustrated. This was painted in a subtractive manner. Removing paint. This man could draw.

  • @KingstonFineArt
    Great advice! 
    It is tricky. I have some work to do for sure. I need to adjust the level of light and tweak the shadows 
    thanks for the helpful tips 
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    This is really good. Nice composition and lovely light. But it's let down a bit by the colorless blacks and greys.

    I'd like to suggest, if I may, that you try not using black from a tube in landscapers. It creates holes where colour, however dark, should be. I'm not certain you have actually used such a black but it looks like you have. The blacks and grays in the trees and in some of the shadows in the foreground look flat. You'll notice in the painting above that @KingstonFineArt posted that there are some very dark darks but they are chromatic darks, not black, and they tie in with the lighter values/hues. See the way the almost-black in the horse's lower legs is a very dark red that melds beautifully with the lighter reds of the horse's body. And there are no flat grays.  I'd like to see some colour in the tree trunks and those limbs at upper left. Also, the lower section is somewhat flat and would benefit from some variation in the lower section of the painting like in the picture @KingstonFineArt posted. Color checking as per Mark's videos is really important.

    I hope you don't mind me pointing such things out.  When people point things out in my work that could be better I am grateful because I usually find it a great help. Others notice things we haven't. Which is what makes this place such a great resource.  :)
  • @tassieguy
    Thank you for your response and suggestions. They are well received and appreciated. 
    I do see the points you make and will be working to continue the process. I have used Marks color checking techniques for painting from life. My plan is to acquire a better camera to allow me to do some photo color checking. Which did not occurs with this piece. 
    Thank you 😊 
  • All in all, I like the mood of this one. Makes me want to grab a lawn chair and a glass of wine
  • @jward
    Since I comment on this the other day I've been observing the trees around me in winter. Today I focused on their shadows as I plowed another 5 inches of fresh snow. What I saw was vary interesting. The light value projections through the 'apertures' are as unique as the sky holes
  • Looking good @jward. I’m glad I checked it out because @tassieguy and @KingstonFineArt are putting on a clinic here! Great information guys!
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