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Oiling out a painting

I’ve asked questions in other posts about oiling out paintings before varnishing.  I’ve got yet another question but I thought it best to start a thread on this topic.
My question is ... Has anyone noticed that titanium white tends to repel oiling out and even in some small bits repel Gamvar varnish?  
I use a clean micro fiber cloth with a small amount enough to oil the surface without leaving any excess.  I also see in Dione cases sunken burnt umber takes multiple oiling to oil out.
Any comments or help is appreciated.



  • Good question!
     I have not had these challenges with titanium white so far. However I do paint with a "resin-oil" color titanium white, it in fact does repel oil in oiling out and absolutely resists varnish over it. I now only use minute amounts of it mixed with regular oil titanium white with lead white. I don't know yet if this will make a difference, but my research so far indicates it's ok. I now rarely use titanium white without mixing a generous amount of lead white, 30/70, 50/50 mix or less mainly. 
     And yes I often have to go over the burnt umber areas twice in oiling out. I'm avoiding burnt umber, it's not a necessary pigment on the palette as I can mix a better one from my 3 primaries without the challenges that a manufactured burnt umber gives me. I now like having transparent brown iron oxide PR101 for help in this area as well.
  • @Forgiveness that’s interesting.  I avoid lead white because of the lead. I may have to reconsider that.
  • You may have 'polished' the paint too much in oiling out. A second coat should it. If you are oiling out to unflatten the paint be very gentle. Use clean cotton cloth not microfiber. If you are oiling in to open dried paint use a brush and wipe excess off leaving a bit of oil on the surface. I use W&N Painting medium for both. 
    There is a spray varnish, Krylon Kamvar, which brightens the paint and allows you to continue painting. I use it a lot. It is not varnish by the same as Gamvar a synthetic.

    I did a couple of paintings on illustration board a couple of years ago which I sealed with acrylic matte medium. No sunken color. I have no idea why.
  • Folks

    For all these oiling out tasks use a linen cloth. Cotton fabric sheds fibre and can create a mess on an oil painting.

  • dencal said:

    For all these oiling out tasks use a linen cloth. Cotton fabric sheds fibre and can create a mess on an oil painting.

    Linen as in canvas linen, or linen as in like a formal napkin that is called linen but is pretty much made of polyester these days.
  • Dustin_Cropsboy

    Napkin style linen. Polyester linen blends will just improve the flexibility without adding fluff.
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