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Got a Laminator ... not so impressed

edited January 23 in Photography & Printmaking
Just got a lamination machine.. not so impressed.  The plastic did not adhere to the front surface enough to ensure deep rich blacks... it does a good enough job for making menus I suppose... but for proper color in the darks it might not cut it.

I will use it for now.. but just a thought/question...

Has anyone ever tried varnishing a photo?  IS there a kind of varnish that would protect it enough so that you could dab and wipe oil paint off of it as you would a laminated photo?  Does or would it look better than a laminated photo??

I'm working from a photo... initially I had placed it behind a glass pane I took out of a picture frame (thought I was clever) but the glare and reflections (even of my own face) make seeing the blacks in the photo impossible.


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