Rotten in tertiary color

I've had this pomegranate in the studio for about a week. My wife just came down and asked where I got it. "Why the trash". I said. Uh Oh.

The other day I thought I'd do a sketch of this before I painted it. I was planning to paint it on a 6 by 6 pebble finish panel. I thought I'd do the sketch to find the color. A limited palette I thought. So I set up for using just the tertiary colors. Red Orange, Yellow Orange, Yellow Green, Blue Green, Blue Violet and Red Violet. The are made from primary and secondary after all. I made a quick 'recipe' . It took a few days but I got to it today. I took longer to set up than to paint. The funny thing is that I paint mostly with tertiary mixes relying on the secondaries for my darks and primaries only for bright tints. If I paint this I'll be adding Vermillion to the palette.

The top left below is a iPhone pic I took on Monday today is Friday. It's a bit unfocused and saturated.

Next to it is the sketch done from life I found the bulk of the color but it needs some solid darks and color highlights. I may do a finish in watercolor instead of oil. It just says "paint me in watercolor paint me in watercolor" Everything has been saying that to me lately. It's easier to limit color in wc.



  • It’s interesting to see your thinking and process with this. 
  • It is easier to limit color in watercolor no doubt, even if you have 57 colors on your palette like myself. However, just a guess but, for oil painting, I wonder if a new color red as a primary is needed here. I recently changed my primary red to this new mix, quinacridone rose no. 311 PV19 with transparent brown oxide PR101, quite permanent & excellent lightfastness. I like it much more than alizarin crimson and is unlike any other red, and seems to bring a little more life to my painting.
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    Just for consideration;

    Top left is alizarin crimson PR83, for comparison. Top right is transparent brown iron oxide PR101.

    Middle left is my mix with TBIO PR101 & quinacridone "rose" no.311 PV19. Also my better paint.

    Bottom left is TBIO PR101 mixed with quinacridone "red" PV19, a good paint that I use for sketches.

    The 2 mixes in the middle & bottom rows will give more beautiful and brilliant color mixes especially in the pinks, oranges, reds, violets, purple than alizarin crimson PR83. I can mix phthalo green PG7 or PG36 with PV19 for chromatic black. I'm certain I can mix phthalo blue & yellow to create my own phthalo green. Also these 2 mixes are permanent colors and are of excellent lightfastness.
     I have both of these mixes in my own labelled tubes ready to go, and I have 1/3 tube leftover of each of the original rose & red colors to paint with.

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