Hello from the Southern USA

My name is Richard and I live in south Alabama. I’ve always loved art and now the closer I get to retirement the more determined I am to learn how to paint in oils. I’ve done a few acrylic paintings in the past few years and I’ve done some lino prints but oil is my main goal. I’ve watched and rewatched all of Mark’s videos and have my “studio” set up with proper lighting and a shadow box. I have my Geneva paints and some good brushes. I started my first still life about two weeks ago and have spent about 6 hours on it so far. Today I will likely scrap what I’ve done and start over. I made some very basic mistakes and have corrected them and will need a little advice before going forward. :-)
I have such admiration for Mark and his willingness to teach. 
Looking forwarded to meeting people in this forum and sharing (mostly absorbing what you share) information.


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