One Year DMP Fundamentals Art School Challenge (Notes from one of Mark’s Videos)

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Commit to one year of painting ‘full time’ as if you’re at art school, don’t deviate from the technique during this time
Paint 3 to 4 days a week
Focus on the fundamentals: learn how to mix colours right/draw in proportion/apply the strokes without messing up the colour
Your first painting could take 2 months, your second a month and your third two weeks
By the end of the year you’re GOING to KNOW how to paint realism

1. Build your studio (put up lights to avoid glare, black curtain behind you, set up s/box near your canvas etc)
2. Sort your paints
3. Get your canvas 
4. Begin (use proportion divider & colour checker, get the right colour & simply put it in the right place)

Drop the fear of “I could never do that’, this is a craft & it’s learnable (you don’t need any ‘talent’)
Tell yourself ‘I want to become a great artist, that’ll be a lot of fun’
Be patient, take it slowly (don’t rush to the end, allow it to just happen, go slowly to learn fast)
Don’t get sidetracked, just keep practicing

1. Get the colour right
2. Put it in the right place

* Note to self: participating in this simple process is the secret to learning to paint 

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