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Mastercopy in charcoal

edited December 2020 in Drawing
Wanted to share this charcoal study i did recently. I dont know who the original artist is though. I totally messed the drawing up to a large degree by starting the drawing on the wrong side of paper. Realized much later but continued any way as i had spent a lot of time fixing proportions etc. My last charcoal study was more than two years ago at a workshop but fortunately i had jotted down each day's instructions, it helped to recreate to a large extent.  
Oh and my amaryllis bloomed and i just happened to have the two (the drawing and the flower) in the same frame and it looked soo good, am thinking of a painting with both in the composition (unless the spark fizzes out like most ideas of mine do  :# )

The figure is around 14" approx. and the paper texture in the drawing isnt as enhanced in real as much as it shows in the photo. The actual darks in the drawing are closer to the first photo; in the second one with the flower the darks appear too light.



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