How do I make the colour of the water ?

The colour on bottom left , tinge of orange 
how do I make that colour ? Should I paint it over the blue or blend them ( getting green )


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    The dark colour of the water at lower left is a warm violet that I would make with Manganese Violet and Cadmium yellow. For the lighter shades on top of it I would add more yellow to lighten it. There would be no need to blend if you get the values right for each brushstroke. Colour check each of those ripples.  If you are working with the basic Carder palette you would mix the violet from Quinacridone Crimson, Ultramarine blue and Cadmium Yellow.  I see very little blue or green in that lower water. Lay in your darkest colour of the water first and lighter strokes on top. I would paint that area in just five values at most.

    Hope this is helpful.  :)  
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    Instead of using yellow, try yellow ochre.  Depending on the pigment and how its prepared some yellow ochres dont turn green when mingled with blues.  They trend towards neutrals instead of's a chemistry-thing.  The tin-yellows might also trend towards neutral, but I'm not sure.

    I'm seeing maybe yellow ochre and burnt umber as the base.  The "blue" meandering through the middle of the water is more of a neutral rather than blue.  By contrast it "looks blue".
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