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Warped canvas


I primed a canvas and had the frame warp a bit. I have never had that happen before. Does anyone know how to fix it?


  • Melissa

    The primer was probably water based, resulting in the cotton canvas shrinking as the water evaporated.
    Tension is resolved by pulling up two joints.

    Place the canvas face down on a hard surface and place a brick on each corner.
    If the warp resolves, hammer in the corner wedges to retention the canvas.
    ‘Squeeze a good quality glue into any corner gaps, for example super glue.

    Without a picture or a technical description I’m flying blind here, and need to make some assumptions.
    If the warp is worse than I imagine, it may be wise to strip off the canvas, fix the stretchers and restretch the canvas. If it looks irretrievable use it for experiments and scrap value.

  • once my frame warped because i had kept the painting for drying at a spot where it was quite prone to moisture... i frame was very difficult to straighten so i had to remove the painted canvas from the frame and then staple back to a new frame
  • I'm not sure if the following fits in here, but I thought I would put it out anyway; I suggest using, reusing "silica gel packets", they keep moisture at bay. These are found everywhere and they're free. Rather than throw them to the trash, it's good to reuse these in the studio, and throughout the house where moisture may be a challenge.
  • Thank you, @dencal I think I will try the bricks. Should I spray it with water first to make it easier for the frames to reshape?
  • Melissa

    Please, no more water.
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