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Hello from San Francisco!

edited December 2020 in Introduce Yourself
Hello everyone!

I'm a very inconsistent painter who has gone on month long breaks to year long breaks to MANY YEAR long breaks. I started painting again at the start of the pandemic, and I found that I would get so frustrated at the early stages of a piece that I would abandon it. I have some expectations for things to look 'perfect' without going through the necessary process. After another 4 month break, I recently set up studio space in my garage and went in with a fresh mindset. I'm researching, reading, watching demos & Mark C vids to understand whatever issue I'm facing and actually embracing the process. It's been soo helpful and inspiring! I found this forum while looking up how to paint transparent cloth, and was so excited to find this community of artists that I had to sign up immediately :) 

I included the last painting that I actually finished. 2012, life size self portrait. The last peice I worked on before dropping out of art school.



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