paralysed in paradise

Hello all. I've had a bit of a crazy story. I broke my neck in a surfing accident in 2012 and became a lifelong member of the quadriplegic club, i kept my arms, got paralysed from the chest down and only have limited finger movement. I made the decision that it was either a call centre job for me or maybe i can try and cut it as an artist...i figured I'd involuntarily given up most other things in my life so why not roll the dice?
it was a painfully slow start getting to grips with painting with break throughs here and there as the years went by. During lockdown I've come on leaps and bounds but I've now seemed to hit a bit of a wall here I am, ready to learn off everyone else and hopefully give a little back too.
I'm an English guy living in the Australian country. A tiny town with cheap rent where i can afford to live with  my wife and afford a nice big back garden shed to use as a make shift studio.
The Australian countryside is gorgeous however it is isolated beyond belief and i struggle to find fellow artists to bounce ideas and learn off. I'm hoping to make some improvements to my painting capabilities here. Fingers crossed, well, if i could! ;) 


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