Single vs double oil primed linen roll (claessens #9?)

edited November 2020 in Studio & Supplies
Hello everyone, I have made the decision to order a large roll of claessens oil primed linen. I have 2 questions here,

1) does anyone have experience with the claessens #9 fine linen? I was thinking about the claessens #66 medium, but feel like I would prefer a fine texture linen for portraiture. I would be very grateful for Input and experience!

2) is single primed linen sufficient from a conservative standpoint to prevent strikethrough? I have heard that it is a real pain to stretch double primed linen and since it is so much cheaper to get the single primed, I thought maybe I could just stretch single primed and add an extra layer of lead oil ground if necessary for a commissioned piece. I would love to know if anyone thinks that the single primed linen is ok as is or if I would need to add an extra coat!

thank you all in advance!
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