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Two Onion Still Lifes

I have two paintings of onions that are finished and that I am rather proud of. They were both in my intro post but here are the full paintings.

Onion and Garlic 12″x13″ Dec, 2019

I remember I worked very hard the week before I painted this so I took a trip to buy myself a still life subject as a treat. I painted this before I had a balanced white studio light so it was very difficult to check the colours accurately and when it was first done I thought it was the worst thing I’d ever painted. After ignoring it on the wall for 11 months I now think it’s the best thing I’ve painted and I’m just trying to live up to it. [the wrinkles and waves at the top of the painting were there because it was not stretched when I painted it, just glued to some cardboard. It has since been stretched.]

I’m still a beginner in realism so I would love to hear any critique so I can do a better job on future paintings.

Onions 40″x15″ July 2020

There are 23 onions in this picture including the shallots scattered around, and it’s on the same black table as the last painting. It took 41 days to complete and I was in a big time rush to finish it before the onions all rotted. Included detail shots because it’s a really long painting and it was difficult to get a decent photograph of the whole thing. Again, critique is welcome and thanks very much for reading!



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