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The River Wye

My latest efforts on 16x12" mdf. A place I fish a lot and beautiful part of England.
I feel I have captured the vibe of this river fairly well on this one and am pretty happy with how things are going. Always room for improvement though! 



  • Beautiful! Definite Michael J. Smith vibe with this :)
  • This is beautiful @Si1, I get a peaceful and tranquil vibe when I look at it.

    Gorgeous colouring and those flowers to the right, bring a welcome counter to the greens.

    Just wonderful.

  • Fantastic painting.  The grass is excellent you’ve really studied that well.
  • edited November 15
    Very beautiful!   Michael J Smith would approve.  The blueness of the distant wooded hill imparts a wonderful atmospheric perspective and so enhances the depth of the picture.

    Looks like a very pleasant place to pass an afternoon fishing. Are there Perch in that river?  :)
  • Room for improvement!!! 
    Hello !! 😊
    Don’t think this could be improved one iota @Si1
    A perfect painting of a perfect spot. 
    Just looking at it makes me chill out. 
    Is there anything more beautiful than water reflections. Especially when painted as expertly as this. 

  • Si1Si1 -
    edited November 15
    Thankyou all so much for looking and the lovely compliments you have all given, really made my day.
    @Richard_P thankyou, as said before Mjs is obviously an artist I would love to emulate as his realism is top notch!
     @MichaelD thanks for your kind words the Wye is a very tranquil peaceful place and I am pleased that you felt that vibe from my painting
    @GTO thankyou for the kind words. That grassy portion took longer than it probably should have!
    @tassieguy thanks for your high praise in that Mjs would approve! I struggled a little with the distant hill tones and still think they could be a little better ie greyer/more hazy but thats just the artists curse and there is always next time right? As for the fishing there are lovely big perch in the river and they are my favourite freshwater species but the reason I fish this particulsr river is primarily for the beautiful barbel that reside there
    @Hilary bless you dearly for your lovely comments, high praise indeed it is very much appreciated. I really have enjoyed painting this one and am enjoying the new journey that is oil painting as well. It has been a very positive thing in my life and have the first lockdown to thank for it. It's great to draw some positivity from these awful times <3
  • Wow! Great composition. Great work on all the nuanced greens in the woods and water. I’m with Hilary...I don’t see room for improvement...I see a beautiful painting. 
  • English perch make excellent eating. They were imported into Australia over a century ago and did well here. As kids we used to love catching them. As good to eat as this painting is to look at. :)
  • Beautiful painting, agree with everyone above - nothing to improve. conveying tranquility perfectly :)
  • Did you use the same techniques MJS uses to create this btw? :)
  • Si1Si1 -
    edited November 15
    Thanks again @tassieguy the perch is a beautiful fish, may have to paint one someday :)
    @HondoRW thanks for the compliment, glad you like it :)
    @ArtGal thanks a lot I am glad the peaceful nature of the scene came across through my painting :)
    @Richard_P yes I have been using some of the Mjs techniques mixed with my own and have to pay due credit to his fantastic youtube tutorials! :)
  • Absolutely beautiful!  What a gorgeous place.  The rivers around this northeast part of Texas are muddy and snakey. That makes me really appreciate this landscape.
  • @oilpainter1950 thankyou very much. I am blessed with many wonderful waterways within a relatively short drive of my home so there should never be a shortage of inspiration!
  • Ah, Hay-on-Wye is one of my favourite towns!!! Well done!!
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