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a small still life

This is an A5 size painting-water mixeable oils on paper. I think the bowl is a bit too small but you can see the satsuma.


  • I like the simplicity of this @lesd.

    It must be a rather small bowl to hold just one, but you can definitely see the satsuma.

  • love the soft edges of the bowl  in this one @lesd :)
  • the green halo around the satsuma is really nice, gives it a mysterious vibe
  • edited November 14
    I like the simplicity of this and the way you've handled the value gradations in the cup/bowl. Nice to see that you didn't blend them. In fact, that lack of blending is what I find pleasing about the painting overall. And the dark green against dark red in the background adds vibrancy there and plays nicely with the orange in the bowl.  :)
  • I agree with Rob that the values on the graduations of the bowl are very well done. 
    If I had one criticism, it would be that the satsuma looks a little over blended. 
    Trust me , I know ALL about overblending! 
    I think this over blending of the satsuma makes it look a bit more like an orange sorbet in a bowl. 
    I could be totally wrong about this but this was my first thought when I saw the painting. 
    Might just be the photo because often a glare can give this effect. 

  • Many thanks for your comments. The idea of lightening the background just behind the subject was from a Utube video I saw the other day (by someone called David Leffel). Yes it does look like an orange sorbet- I think that painting the whole satsuma next to the bowl might have been better. I also think the overblending may have been as a result of trying to get some texture on the skin - I should have left well alone! 

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