Howdy from Alberta, Canada

Hello everyone!

This forum is perfect place to find peers in realist oil paintings, as I don't know many realists locally. Like most of you, I subscribe to Mark Carder's method of painting, which I've been practising for about a year now.

I am a digital illustrator by trade and have just recently made it to a place where I can take time off work to study painting. I'm currently building a portfolio to submit to the Canadian Federation of Artists. I've finished seven of the ten required paintings and my eighth is a work in progress.

My favourite subjects to paint are onions and other members of the Allium genus, but I am also very interested in portraiture and clothing/fabric. My goal is to develop my style along the lines of John Singer Sargent and Ivan Shishkin.

Here is a sample of my work:

Pleased to make your acquaintance!



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