Print portrait photo life size

I"m working on a portrait of myself and my wife and can't get mine to look right.  My wife is happy with hers, but there's something about mine that isn't quite right.

I want to make a print of my face that is the same size as the painting so that I can make some precise measurements and observations to figure out what is wrong.  

Mark has a video somewhere in which he enlarges the face on the computer screen to be the size he wants for the portrait and then scales the print to print out the desired size.  I can't seem to find it.

As I remember, he gets the screen image to be the actual size he wants and then makes an actual measurement of the image and then a digital measurement and uses them to scale the printout.  I can't quite get my printout to be the exact size.  Close, but not right.

Does anyone remember the procedure or perhaps know where I can find the video?


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