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Anybody ever heard of Vivian Maier?

edited June 2013 in Off-Topic Discussion
I came across a series of 5 videos that have just been posted on a site I subscribe to about a mysterious woman who took thousands of photos that no one ever saw or knew about until after she died. I thought some others on this forum might be interested. The link is to the first should be able to find the others without any problem.



  • It's been awhile but yes, I think I did hear about her. It's an amazing story.
  • Hey there CharleyBoy ... yes I have read about her... it is a fascinating story... too bad her body of work was not discovered in her lifetime although as private of a person as she appeared to be perhaps she would not have wanted that. Such talent she possessed!
  • Wow. Thanks for sharing this. Over 150,000 photographs must have cost a fortune in film and processing. It's sad they threw out some of her writing and ironic they quote Van Gogh. Van Goghs mother threw out crates of his sketches and drawings and such never thinking they would be worth anything. What the world may have been deprived of in both cases we'll never know. What I have seen so far is striking in the capture of emotion. Will watch the other 3 later. Have to go to work soon.
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