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Old work that doesn't fit in Art Galleries


I have tonnes of my older work (mostly canvas paintings). I am not sure if it has any value in Art galleries/ Art world. I will be shifting soon from my place, I have no idea how to dispose it off. Are there any good suggestions other than trash?


  • vartikasinha

    List on a buy/sell website with pictures.

    Hold a garage sale.

    Try a market stall.

    Advertise on Facebook.

    Rent or lease the paintings out to offices, cafes, homes.

    Donate to hospitals, care homes.

  • Thank you very much. This is very helpful. I will surely try your suggestions
  • My only caveat would be this: personally, if I were going to sell my paintings in the future, I wouldn't want my old paintings (which are much worse than my newer ones) to be hanging around in random places, and potentially tarnishing your reputation. I've already destroyed some old canvasses and just kept the stretcher bars to re-use in the future if i want to apply a fresh canvas.  Of course, if you haven't signed these older works, then it's probably not a major issue though.

  • Toss those you think are of no value. Keep the stretcher bars. Those you want to keep you can take off the stretchers and roll up loosely. This will save space and make them easier to transport and store. 
    I had the same dilemma when I moved recently. I kept very few of my early paintings. They were just learning exercises. Still, I wouldn't mind finding one of, say, VVG's learning pieces stashed somewhere. :)
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