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"What A Wonderful Day!" 14" X 20" Oil on Prepared Wood Panel

edited November 3 in Post Your Paintings
 Above is the title I have chosen and this painting needs to be varnished.

 Just want to say we all did a great job teaching me to paint in oils in 4 years here! I've been introducing myself and sharing this piece with my new Canadian friends across the country and I'd like to say that "realism" is doing very well here, and I've received many great responses from across the country but, realism not so in the city where I live. There is great potential for sales, when I'm ready. This is good Canadian oil painting and good realism happening, I will do well with these gifts of oil painting here. Right now I'm seriously considering learning "bold color painting technique for portraiture", so bold, so effective!, just for something new and different for me. Were having fun sharing here and there is this magnificent 5 day Canadian oil painting challenge happening right now, day 2 today, incredibly great paintings in realism, new topic every day, but I'm not ready to participate at this time. One thing I've noted that is rather clear, no critiques are exchanged as well as no suggestions for improvement, but there is indeed much acknowledgement for what is happening. 

Now I have a painting of a statue of a lion holding a shield to complete, coming along slow but great! I'll post soon.
Many blessings and much peace to everyone at this most important time!

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