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Frozen Prairie Dawn - My favourite painting of 2020 so far...

Hi all,

It has been a rough year for us all, no doubt. I personally had a really hard time keeping my moral up through much of it and have quickly discovered I am someone who has a hard time creating from the darker side of my psyche. Needless to say that has meant not a lot of work being accomplished overall which has snowballed further into frustration. 

This said I have managed to paint a little here and there and this past weekend and artist friend happened to come over for a visit and was perusing through my multitude of practice and unfinished canvases and after much discussion and chatting I have been feeling better and eager to get back behind the easel more often. I spent some time assessing some of the work I have done and this one here stands out to me as my favourite.

It was a scene I came upon on my drive to work early one morning as the sun was just coming up and the light over the snow covered fields really grabbed me so this is the result. It really was an experiment for me as I have never really painted in this style and was going more for a feel than an image. I hope it achieved this! C&C is welcome...

12x16 oil on stretched canvas.



  • Lovely choice of colours. 
    @bobbybirds I know what it’s like to not be in the mood to paint but glad to hear you’ve made a start. 
    I’ve bought a whole new set of Rosemary brushes which should arrive tomorrow. I’m as excited as a child on Christmas Eve. 😊
    Sometimes investing in new brushes or new paints is a good way to get back into it. 
    I was watching a very interesting video on YouTube recently about how to start painting when you’re not in the mood. According to this guy , you have to just squeeze out five colours on to your palette. Just do it. And not just tiny amounts , fairly big blobs of paint. That way you won’t want to waste all that paint and you’ll get going. 
    I think this actually works. 😊
  • This is beautiful. The colours and values read so right. So simply painted. So evocative of the season and time of day.  :)
  • I love a tonal painting like this.  I can feel the cold winter morning.  The composition is perfect too.  The position of the sun, the width of the sky relative to the ground and the way you’ve broken up the tree line.  Nice work.👍
  • Thanks for the kind words all! I hope to explore these types of works more as I carry on. It was a definite feeling of freedom when I was painting this by not getting hung up in details and focusing on an emotion.

  • This is an experiment that certainly worked! 
  • This is a fine "tonal painting", it's beautiful! I've recently been exposed to an abundance of tonal paintings and learning so much and inspired, maybe this is more of what I want from myself, rather than nocturne?
  • This is really great. Captures the sunrise perfectly. Great job. 
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