This is the trailer to an excellent movie.

Maudie is a 2016 biographical drama film directed by Aisling Walshand starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke. A co-production of Irelandand Canada, the film is about the life of folk artist Maud Lewis, who painted in Nova Scotia. In the story, Maud (Hawkins) struggles with arthritis, memory of a lost child, and a family that doubts her ability, before moving in with a surly fish peddler (Hawke) as a housekeeper. Despite their differing personalities, they marry as her art gains in popularity. The film was shot in Newfoundland and Labrador, requiring a re-creation of Lewis's famously small house.

Watch how art transforms every relationship and interaction for Maudie.


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  • Thank you so much for posting this! I haven't watched the movie just yet, but I most certainly will any day soon, maybe today.
     In the meantime I've been getting to know her through other venues, interviews & art displays and presentations & documentaries. This person and artist has stolen my heart, I simply resonate with her in my most inner secret self. "Life in a Frame", I love her landscapes where it's winter in the foreground of the painting and spring is shown in the far distant background. Absolutely priceless and so very touching. I just can't help it but love this person, she's just the sweetest most loveable character. It's amazing how long it has taken to know of Maude Lewis even after her passing. Her paintings are simple folk art and she speaks and expresses herself simply, and at the same time she has a lot to say through her work, through her sense joy. I feel so very grateful to have come to know of her. I can closely relate with her struggles and challenges with herself and with those around her, and just how she dealt with it all. I don't have any of the physical challenges the had, but I can closely relate with everything else. I can relate with her simple paintings, her passion and inspiration through my own from when I was a child artist.
     It is indeed a challenge to remain grateful for everything all of the time, the challenge of all challenges, and it's very good to be learning it and practicing it every day.

     I'm looking forward to watching this movie!
  • Loved it, each and every minute! Very rich Canadian content for free viewing in Canada. Her works are now with McMichael Gallery with an incredibly beautiful setting and surroundings in a wooded countryside. I've visited there once and I'll never forget its beauty!
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    An interpretive view of Maudie.


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