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Insight. One of my portraits. 80x80 cm. Oil.

The colleague was my age, a joyful person, always respectful and polite. But there was something about him... Usually, I have no problems to get close to people, but this man was a riddle to me. Always friendly and openhearted - up to a certain point. I got a feeling that he was made out of glass, it looked like all approaches or difficulties just bounced off of him and fell to the ground. He was slippery and unassailable, the kind of type that has "no feelings".
Then, one day I got to know him in a different way. We had lunch together, and suddenly he told me about his life. He had been married. One day when he came home from work he found his wife in the basement - she had hung herself. He was left with a small child, spent a very long time recovering from the shock. He had to find a new way to get through everyday life and found that keeping a good distance from other people was the best self-sustaining mechanism.
The meeting with him became important to me, there was so much more about him than I had thought. I learned a lot about "first impressions", and in this painting, I have tried to visualize this meeting, the moment when his shell burst and I got an insight into his soul. I hope you like it. 


  • Another very interesting [email protected] 
    You draw with such precision and delicacy. 
    The story behind the painting makes it even more appealing. The idea of breaking through the barrier that your colleague had created. It must have been an emotional experience and one which inspired you to create a painting. 
    Just goes to show that ALL behaviour makes sense ... though sometimes we find it hard to understand its root cause. 
    Really beautiful and sensitive work. 
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