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WIP - Nine Pin Point (Last of the repaints) - OOC - 36" X 36"

edited October 30 in Post Your Paintings
This is the last of the three repaints I needed to do for my next show in Jan/Feb. I don't think it's any better than the first version but I tried to bring more variation into the brushwork in light of recent critiques. Instead of just short dashes and dabs I tried to do longer, more fluid strokes to better follow the forms. But that may not be apparent in this small photo of a quite big painting.

In future paintings I'm going to keep thinking about brushwork - maybe do smaller paintings with bigger brushes. This painting was done with number 2 and 4 flats and filberts - about 1 and 2 cm wide - not tiny but not whoppers either. I used lots of earth colours in this - yellow ochre and red oxide.

Anyway, still a hundred little things to fix in it but finally got the canvas covered today. Will take a better photo tomorrow in sunlight with my camera - this one was taken at night with my cell phone.

All comments/critiques/suggestions very welcome.

Thanks for looking and commenting.  :)


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  • Ohh, that's stunning!! The pebbles at the bottom are exquisite. Lovely colour variation in everything.

    What is the object at the top left? I find my eye going to that after seeing the shrub on the cliff edge.

    You really do have an amazing talent Rob..!

  • edited October 30
    Thanks very much, @Richard_P:)

    The object up there on the ridge is the bottom of a  tree trunk. I don't know how to make it look more like a tree trunk but I figured I needed to keep it there to give some context for the dappled light falling across the limestone beneath. There are more trees to the left of it.

    Thanks for your kind words, Richard. Much appreciated.  :)
  • Gorgeous. I’m certainly no expert but I just don’t know if I’d mess with success 🙂. But there’s no doubt you know what you’re doing so I’m sure whatever changes you make will look great. Always look forward to seeing your work!
  • Thanks so much, @HondoRW. A couple more days should see it finished.  I really appreciate your taking the time to look and comment.  :)
  • CBGCBG -
    edited October 30

    @tassieguy This is amazing.  I would love to see a few close-up cropped detail shots... maybe one showing the new kinds of strokes you are using.. and one showing how much work you put into the small rocks? Although I like to stand back and see the overall work at first,  I always love walking right up to inspect the strokes and technique as well!

    Thanks for explaining the dappling, that helps me understand what's going on in the top left on the rocks.  So beautiful.

    I especially love how you have rendered the sunlight on and glowing in the foam.  I can almost smell the shore.

    While on the topic of strokes and detail, just curious... what are your thoughts on Mark Carder's technique/advice for "maintaining the abstraction"?

  • edited October 30
    Thanks very much, @CBG.

    When it's finished I'll take a photo of the painting with my camera in daylight and I'll post it along with some close up shots. 

    I agree with Mark on maintaining the abstraction. It's not possible to do my sort of landscape painting any other way. I mean, you can zoom in as much as you like but at some point you have to give in to abstraction -  you can't paint every grain of sand and every tiny ripple on the water and so we just have to be satisfied with giving an impression of the overall effect. But that's what landscape painters have always done. When I start worrying (as I often do) that what I've painted is not exact enough I have to remind myself that I am trying to make a painting and not a an exact copy of a photo. All my work is done using my own photos (and colour notes made on site)  but even my best photos lack something that can only be realised in painting. And I guess that "something" has to do with abstraction.

    Thanks again for your kind comments, @CBG:)
  • HilaryHilary -
    edited October 30
    What I’d love is to be a fly on the wall of your studio ,Rob , and watch how you paint those stones and pebbles. 
    You’ve produced another cracker of a painting. ❤️❤️❤️
    It’s ‘sick’ to the point of ending up in ICU! 😉
    You must be so relieved to have almost everything ready for the exhibition. Celebrate with a nice glass of well chilled Sauvignon Blanc ! Or are you more of a a whiskey 🥃 man ? 

  • Thanks so much, @Hilary. Yeah, I'm a scotch man. So glad these three repaints are almost done.  :)
  • !!! i'm speechless @tassieguy, I want to reach and grab those wet pebbles :) fantastic painting
  • Fantastic work @tassieguy, I love the colours in this.

  • Awe inspiring. My granddaughter couldn't believe it was a painting.  Stunning piece of work.
  • The whole painting is amazing.  The pebbles are perfect.  They look great far away and up close.  
    You changed your brush strokes in the top of the big rocks and again in the ones in the back upper left.  
    The brush strokes for the front of the large rocks in the front left looks organic and right on the surface.  
    The water sparkles with color the way you’ve laid down those marks.  
    The atmospheric effects and sense of space is excellent.  Your eye for color and tone is evident there.
    Another excellent painting.
  • edited October 31
    Thanks @ArtGal, @MichaelD, @oilpainter1950 and @GTO. I'm so happy that people think it's ok.

    Glad you noticed the brushwork,  @GTO:)    @oilpainter1950, please tell your granddaughter she made an old chap happy.  :)

    BTW, I wouldn't do these repaints again. It was a little faster this time because I still had all the reference material to hand but I've found it very onerous because there was nothing new, no sense of adventure, and I knew the compositions were ok-ish so no risk of abject failure in that regard. So it was just labor without the fun. I'm so glad they're done and happy I still have a couple of months to do some new works for the show. 
  • Even if it wasn't fun, the results were spectacular. I wish you could post more in-progress shots, or video clips - but I understand the galley issues.

    I also noticed the brush strokes variation, looks good!

    What's next? :)
  • edited October 31
    Thanks, @Richard_P. Yeah, I worry about the gallery. I'm only supposed to show through them, And if I enter any of my recent works in the Glover Prize this year I'm going to have to take the ones I enter off this site because a condition of entry is that they are not shown on social media or the like. Not sure if this place qualifies as "social media or the like" but it would be just my luck to get knocked out of contention just because of something like that.

    Glad you noticed the brushstrokes in this one. Now these three repaints are out of the way it's back to my big, crazy abstract/realist seascapes. My gallery director loves the four I've done so far so I'll keep doing them for the show which will be called simply "Coast".   :)
  • Si1Si1 -
    edited October 31
    @tassieguy man o man this is really on another level, I know its been mentioned before but those foreground stones are astoundingly real looking, absolutely nailed it with this one bravo B)
  • Looks great.  I like the balance of the composition with lots of detail to explore up front and enough sky and distance to give an open feeling. 
  • Looks even better in this second photo. 
  • Perhaps now you have done these you can paint a simple apple with step by step pictures to show us how you do it? ;)
  • edited November 2
    That's a good idea, @Richard_P. After the show I'm going to spend time getting back into still life. I want to experience once again the discipline and pleasure of painting from life with the hope that what I learn will carry over into my landscapes which I can't do solely from life. They will be practice paintings and not for sale so I will be able to post progress shots. Or even a video ...  Well, maybe not,  that would be a bit too high tech for an old bloke who is still trying to master still photography.  :)

    Thank you, @A_Time_To_Paint, @Si1, @GTO and @[email protected]_P

  • edited November 1
    Such a strong & wonderful piece! It's beautiful! I like the strong contrasts & the unique composition & your color palette in this one.
  • There are so many colors to it and shapes of the wet rocks are so well excuted! Amazing to look at @tassieguy
  • It's totally masterful, I don't have anything to critique. I just love your art!
  • @tassieguy Great work! Congratulations!
  •  :o  you should charge a million for this one! those rocks  :o
  • Hmm.. a million rocks. $1 each eh?
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